Quote Worthy

Day Two of the conference on regional security issues: Felix Soh and Derwin Pereira report

PROF DR B.J. HABIBIE Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology People tell me that what I am doing is leap-frogging. I say, no. What I’m doing is accelerated evolution

GENERAL CHARAN Sec-Gen, National Security Council, Thailand Someone said that the future of mankind depends on Asia’s response to the West. I’m not in complete agreement with this. We have so much to learn from each other.

DR AMITAV ACHARYA York University, Canada I’m speaking about the arms rush, not arms race.

MR FRANCOIS HEISBOURG Senior VP, Matra Defense-Espace The experience of Europe in the early 20th Century (which led to World War I) demonstrates what can happen when the causes of insecurity are not addressed in a timely and appropriate fashion. So, my last recommendation will be: Do not do as we did.

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