Bambang’s mate is avid swimmer

NEXT to watching gangster movies and being an Al Pacino fan, Pemuda Pancasila chief and Suharto loyalist Yorrys Raweyai is an avid swimmer.

He swims at least three times a week.

“Nothing beats swimming,” he told The Sunday Times.

“It is better than golf and tennis and much cheaper. I can face the world after one session in the pool.”

His passion for water sports does not end there.

Sometimes he goes scuba diving and sailing in the nearby Pulau Seribu and Pulau Matahari with former President Suharto’s eldest son Bambang Trihadmodjo, whom he describes as his “soul mate”.

Mr Yorrys has been in the news recently with people accusing his seven-million-strong paramilitary outfit of instigating riots across Indonesia.

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